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Testimonials to the quality of my work 

Below are examples of feedback from clients, faculty, and authors regarding documents I wrote for them. Visit my LinkedIn profile to read some recommendations.

Primary and review manuscripts

"Hi Monica, Thank you so much for the great draft of this paper! I can say it is a real joy to review your work, you are a very talented writer..."

"The draft you sent looked great – thanks for all your efforts."

"Thanks again for your work on Dr. [X]'s paper. It came out quite nicely ..."

"Thanks very much for you expert help."

"This is great!! Thanks a lot."

"All went very well. We won't need you to do another revision, as your work was really top notch. You really did a terrific job; thank you! I'm so glad you made initial contact with me."

Detailed manuscript outline

"I want to emphasize that I like the outline. I emphasize this because I have had several projects come back to me lately in sub-standard form, so it's a breath of fresh air to get something well-written!"

Continuing medical education activities

"I finished my review and I thought you did a wonderful job. As always, I especially appreciate the attention you give to formatting and table/figure footnotes and such SO much. And, of course, the draft was beautifully written. Thank you thank you thank you!"


"So we were really happy over here with your CLL draft, and I just wanted to thank you again for your submission and am looking forward to working with you again."

"Thanks very much for this, Monica! This looks great. "


"These are excellent! I just made a few very minor modifications. Many thanks for your support on this project."

"The lung cancer slides look great – thanks for your hard work on them!"

Newsletter stories

"Monica- let me compliment you. This is by far the best writing based upon a phone interview that
I have ever seen. It was a very complicated topic and you made it clear and precise. I hope that
you are involved with other stories in this issue."


"This is great and I don't think it needs any corrections. Thanks."  


"Thanks for all of your great work on the issue!"


"Wow! This is well done. No changes needed."

"Looks perfect. Thanks."

"This is a great article."

Patient booklets

"I just wanted to let you know that the client was very pleased with the CLL booklet, and wanted to thank you again for your hard work on it!"


"Yes, I'm very happy with the level of writing for the audience - nice job."

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Let's talk about how I can help you meet your medical communication needs.

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