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Why you should work with me

I am Monica Nicosia, PhD, CMPP, a freelance medical writer with 27+ years of professional experience in medical communications, continuing medical education, and health technology assessment (HTA). During my 17+ years as a freelancer, I have successfully completed hundreds of projects for dozens of happy clients. I provide support for medical communications and education companies, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, professional medical organizations, medical publishers, nonprofit advocacy foundations, and HTA consulting and contract research organizations.


I offer medical communications services that are:

  • Expertly researched and fact-checked

  • Well-written

  • On-target

  • Punctually delivered

  • Professionally administered

I don't subcontract my work. I won't use generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools without a client's request/agreement.

I know what questions to ask to properly scope a project.

You can count on me to deliver assignments that are clear, concise, and polished.

I meet and exceed my clients' expectations.

Dr. Monica Nicosia | Freelance Medical Writer

Interested? Need more Information? Let's start a conversation.

Explore my website to learn more

  • Visit About to review my resume and see how my experience can benefit you.

  • Visit Services to view what types of projects I can help you with.

  • Visit Portfolio to access samples of my work.

  • Visit Testimonials to see why clients like you rely on me for quality work.

  • Contact me to start determining how I can best help you meet your medical communication needs.

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