• Here are selected  publications that acknowledge my contributions


  • Education sessions at AMWA annual conferences

    • Can Fitting in Fun Make Us Better Medical Writers?" (November 2019, San Diego, CA; co-presented with Julie A. Gelderloos, PhD)

    • “Tools to Thrive in a Digital World” (November 2018, Washington DC; co-presented with Kathy Boltz, PhD)

    • “Tech Tools to Help You Run Your Freelance Business” (November 2017; Orlando, FL)

  • Other talks

    • ​"Streamline Your Work With Digital Tools" (AMWA-DVC Freelance Workshop; March 2019)

  • Webinars

    • "Tools to Thrive in a Digital World, Part 1: Medical Writing and Running a Freelance Business" (AMWA Webinar; June 2019)

    • “Digital Tech for Medical Communicators” (AMWA-RMC chapter; September 2018)

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